Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

If you are looking for a water heater that has the high quality and suitable for the outdoor, you can purchase the Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater. It is a very popular water heater on the market. The reason behind its popularity is, it can save the energy of electricity very well. The electric energy is precious for use as well as the environment. If we do not save electricity enough, the future generation will face a lot of trouble to deal with the issue. Without electricity, nothing will be fine at all. Therefore it is a must need. We have to know how to save it. Through the water heater, you will have the chance to save electricity. Not only energy efficient feature, the water heater has got lots of things to offer for the users. The flow rate of the water heater is good enough. It is a lightweight water heater so people might think that the flow rate is not decent. Surprisingly the flow rate is very good and you will have a comfortable experience with it.

Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Light Use

The water heater is made for use in a light way. It’s not a water heater which is used for heavy tasks. If you do not use the water heater that much then you should buy this water heater. It’s one of the best light water heaters on the market right now. The price of the water heater is reasonable too. As a result, you can enjoy the hot water at a low price. The size of the water heater is not big. So it will be comfortable for the user to use.

Quick Warm Water

The water heater has the function to supply hot water to its user in a short time. The speed of a water heater depends completely on the flow rate. Here the outdoor heater has got extraordinary water flow rate. It can be a beneficial feature to the users. People often don’t like to wait for water. When it’s the topic of getting a shower, it is very hard for a person to wait for warm water. To these people, the water heater can be a great purchase indeed.

High-Quality Materials

The water heater is made of the premium materials. The Takagi brand is one of the most famous water heater brands. It always uses the latest technology and sturdy materials to make the products. In this case, they have not changed at all. The brand has given almost all the premium materials to it. Therefore it will be a durable product surely. If you want to get a good value for your money, you should quickly get this heater.

Protection from Freezing

The outdoor heater has a big issue. The issue is the heater gets frozen internally after some days of use. It happens in the snowfall areas. On the other hand, the cold area people are sufferers too because of this issue. To get rid of the problem, the company has given the freeze protection system in the water heater. As a result, the water heating machine will not get frozen internally. It will run all the time properly.


  • Made to keep pace with the outside weather condition
  • Makes sure to save enough energy with a high energy factor
  • Gives fast hot water with the maximum flow rate
  • Protects from the freeze through the freeze protection
  • Comes in a compact size so that it can fit in a place where much space is not available


●Propane leaks from the water heater

Solution: The outdoor water heaters often have many complaints. This water heater is not one of them. But the water heater has been claimed by the users that the machine leaks propane which is a matter of anxiety. The propane can leak because of various reasons. There are also different kind of leaking issues actually. So you need to figure out what kind of leak you are facing. If the leak is not frequent then it is totally fine. It’s normal to leak the propane sometimes. But when the propane is leaking constantly then it can be the major problem for the water heater as well as the user of it. To avoid the issue, you should take the help of a plumber. They are the ones to do the job properly. Several sealants is needed to seal the point where the gas is leaking. If you are expert enough to open the heater, you can do it. It will be better if you call a plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is there any need for the venting?
    A: No, there is no requirement of it. It is an outdoor water heater. When it is installed outdoor, it doesn't require ventilation.

  • Q. What is the electricity requirement?
    A: The water heater needs a slight amount of electricity. You will need 110 volts electricity to run the water heater.
  • Q. Where can I buy the power cord?
    A: You will get it with the water heater. It will be in the package. You can buy it separately from the online stores.


The Takagi water heater has been always a wise choice for the users. Because of their good quality and extraordinary features, people are very interested in this products. Takagi T-T-KJr2-OS-LP Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is yet another masterpiece from them. The water heater is mainly made for light use. It is not a perfect water heater for heavy works. Still, the flow rate of the water heater is incredible in one word. With a good rate of energy factor, the water heater is ready to save your machine’s energy. It will not be a waste. The water heater utilizes every single energy. Therefore it will be a money saver for your garden or outdoor. The BTU is decent enough for this light water heater. There will be no problem of hot water supply. It has good reviews on the Amazon too. The heater is a product you can put your trust on.

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