Takagi T-K4-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

The gas tankless water heaters are now dominating the water heater market. It’s because of the efficiency, reliability and extraordinary power of these heaters. Here we come again with another magnificent indoor heater which is Takagi T-K4-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater. It’s a nice water heater from the famous Takagi brand. It has gained popularity on the market with its features. The water heater has an exhaust with it. It is specially given for preventing the air pollution. When someone uses a water heater, harmful gas is made inside the heater. The gas can hamper the heater as well as the user if it stays for a long time there. But the new exhaust technology will release that gas. Thus the water heater becomes safe to use. Moreover, the product comes with the praiseworthy flow rate of water. It has amazing power to provide the warm water in a fast way. Let’s take a look at the features and other categories.

Takagi T-K4-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Temperature Control with Safety

The water heater has different safety measures regarding the temperature control system. At present time, the water heater market is gaining lots of heating machines of water. But all of the products are not well made. Especially the digital system is not up to the mark yet. But the Takagi water heater is amazing in digital control. It has the safety with the control. You will not feel any danger while using the safety options. The controlling system will be better than ever in this heater.

Built-in Exhaust

The water heater contains an exhaust which is attached to the water heater machine. The exhaust is very important because it keeps the harmful gas away. If you do not release the gas in the water heater, it will cause several problems. Your water heater might stop working totally. Therefore the company has added the feature where the gas will be released by the exhaust. As a result, the machine will be safe and comfortable to use.

Decent BTU

The BTU rate is important because it is the point which will decide if the water heater is going to give you perfect hot water or not. The BTU also important in some other ways. If you are not getting hot water fast, it means the BTU rate is not good enough for your heating machine. Here the water heater comes with an impressive rate of the BTU. The user will be able to get hot water peacefully with this technology.

Amazing Flow Rate

The flow rate of the water heater is yet another praiseworthy feature here. The flow rate should be good for water heaters. It depends on the flow rate whether the water heater will provide fast service of hot water or not. The Takagi water heater has the great rate of flow during the service providing time. So you will get hot water in a very short time. The water heater will not make you wait for the hot water.


  • Comes with an exhaust to release the harmful elements from the water heater
  • power-off
    Can be vented directly to save the time
  • power-off
    Ensures a good energy saving through the decent energy factor
  • power-off
    Comes with a remote controller which is a wired system
  • power-off
    Available at a low price with a bunch of excellent features


●The water heater stops providing hot water all of a sudden during the shower

Solution: The water heater users buy the heating machines to get hot water for different purposes. A few of the water heaters fail to serve their users properly. The Takagi water heaters are quite good in terms of good quality and supplying warm water. But a user has launched a complaint that the water heater doesn’t actually work good like it says. The water heater often stops during the shower which is a big problem for the users. The problem can happen for various reasons. It’s also a common problem because some of the users do not know how to operate a water heater. To solve the issue, you should check the heating element of the heater. The element is the most crucial part when you are getting hot water. Check if it’s working properly. Additionally, the user can reset the water heater too. It will reset every function and you will start to have the hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does this unit contain a good remote controller?
    A: Yes, you will get a remote with this water heater. It is a wired remote controller.
  • Q. Does it have an exhaust fan?
    A: Yes, the water heater contains an exhaust fan to remove the unnecessary elements.
  • Q. Can I use the PVC venting option?
    A: No, there is no such facility in the water heater. In this model, the feature is unavailable.
  • Q. How to vent the water heater?
    A: As there is no option for the PVC vent, you have to do the hard metal vent in this unit.
  • Q. Can I convert the unit to LP?
    A: No, it is not possible. You should get an LP Takagi water heater.


The flow rate of a water heater is a significant matter to consider. The reason is if your water heater doesn't have a good rate of flow, it will take so much time to provide water. On the other side, the water will not be good enough hot. So the flow rate point is very important. Takagi T-K4-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater comes with an amazing flow rate of water. The rate is 8.0 GPM. It is undoubtedly one of the best flow rates around the market. Not only this but also the water heater has lots of features to amaze the users. It is a cost-efficient tankless water heater. It will not obviously cost you much money. The water heater uses the latest technology of efficiency. For this reason, the heater doesn't cost much. If you want to set up the water heater indoor, it will be the best for you because it’s an indoor heater. It has the direct vent that will make your work easy to set up the tankless water heater.

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