StiebelEltronTempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater


It is not easy to get proper direction when you determined to buy a tankless water heater. Absolutely, you need it and should be cautious to take your decision smartly. However, it is your choice and your consent to take the decision. Here, I can mention a name of a product with the great offers that can satisfy the consumers. The StiebelEltronTempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater has nice dimension that can meet your dealings enhancing the extra options what you are actually looking for. I get consent from my mind and took decision based on the following options.

  • Smart and gorgeous outlook
  • Energy-efficient
  • Timely actions
  • Great and rejoiced feature
  • Well organized configuration.
Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater

Product details

The StiebelEltronTempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless water heater is one of the most technologically advanced tank less water heater got immense popularity on the market today. It requires 208/240 volts to make it functional and gets outstanding performance. The tempratankless water heater is redesigned completely in and out upgraded heavy duty electronics, single flow design, easy accessibility and advanced flow controlling system. It promises to emphasize the German quality and changed conventional design to get better output and superb performance. It would be better in reducing the electricity bill and requires less space to keep in a right place.



It is like to be weighted as 15.4 with16 5/8 Width, Height: 14 1/2 Depth: 4 5/8 working and pressure: 150 PSI. It is enough and has more possibility to use easily. No hesitation with that reliable function but user friendly having with this specification.


The used specific voltage is needed to mention. The 208/240 Volts is required to make operational. Users can manage the product with specific volts as it is solid and available in a house.


The strength of the electricity is measured by an ampere. It requires making thing operational those have the capacity to run with specific ampere. For this tempratankless water heater 2x50 Min is basically needed to operate significantly.

Breaker size:

It is important to determine the breaker size to run or continue the operation successfully. The feature of this product allow double pole 2x60 for its safety and ensuring maximum load.


It can supply 2 full bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. It is very convenient to use within precise temperature. The capacity shows you enough and would be more satisfactory when you get hot water properly by your specific choice.

Wire size:

A circuit can be extended or rewired when you install any new circuit. It is important to determine the proper wire size for amperage rating and ensuring the power to control if any anonymous condition or incidents occurred. For this StiebelEltronTempra 24 plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater, wire capacity with 2 x 6 Maximum temp would be required and worked to help for the continuation of performance and overall safety during operation of the product.


It is all about the questions why I like a product and what are the reasons here to take your consideration for this Stiebel Eltron tempra 24 plus water heater? It is fully understood from the reviewers that people feel awesome to use this tank less water heater having with satisfaction .No more complex things are looking around but it is honestly saying and utters the best options when you just look over the following pros of this tank less water heater:

  •  Digital temperature control system lead to get splendid output.
  •  Reliability proved and would be sustainable to the users.
  •  No venting required to keep the water heater operational.
  •  Sleek design help to fit it anywhere.
  •  At least 15-20% will be save for your hot water production.
  •  Installation by licensed personnel would get warranty for three years.


The warranty service is guaranteed and no compromise with it. Sometimes it is raised that the warranty service is not provided for all users all the time. It is true in to some extent but the solution is in your hand. The manufacturers offer this warranty service warmly for those who have installed this stiebeleltrontempra water heater by a certified technician. If you do in this way, I think it would not be a problem at all and you can enjoy their warranty service what they promise with that smart product.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Question: Would the warranty service guaranteed?
  • Answer:- Yes, warranty service is guaranteed but it is better to take a certified technician before installation.
  • Question: Would it be perfect for two bathrooms?
  • Answer:- I think it is really happened and don’t get confused. Size specific configuration and capcacity would help you to get your exact product. For this, it is enough to produce more hot water that can be okay for two bathrooms hopefully.

Final Verdict

The StiebelEltronTempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater has got huge popularity due to its upgraded technology and outstanding performance. Smart look, time saving action, durability, configuration, smart outlook and space saving capacity warmly help you to get full satisfaction during its life time. The users reviews leads with proper commentary also make a satisfactory position to choose this tankless water heater whole heartedly. However, when it is about the performance and tended people to get proper outcome, then you are close to the right option as it can cover whole things in accordance with your choice. Just have a look all the features and full details with pros and cons, hope fully satisfactory result must come to you and would be more helpful to choose this tempratankless water heater with proper direction. Have a nice and quality journey with this tank less water heater to get your desired hot water instantly.

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