StiebelEltron DHC-E12 E Electric Tankless Water Heater


The notions with specific item and its quality service gives pleasure and satisfy the need of customers. The solid capacity and strength show the remarks that can give special touch to make thing easier and get better service. As a customer, it is the basic criteria to take proper service and outstanding quality during its usage. It is the demand that can really specify the related beauty and quality a product. However, the quality of a product specifically marks with the production that needs to verify simply and create a portfolio in which you can choose regarding the choice you have. The StiebelEltron DHC-E12 E Electric Tankless Water Heater is a water heater has the sound quality with hot water production, sustainability, and user friendly attitude. The most important thing of this electric tankless water heater relatively can make the goal what actually required from the customers point of view. The small dimensions and attractive housing with smart outlook can be very fruitful to adjust with other home appliances.

The question always remains on the floor why a customer would choose this product as their home appliance? The answer for this question may be outline in the following ways that mark it through its special features. Those features are:

  • Smart outlook with dimension
  • Flexibility with usage
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Quality services
StiebelEltron DHC-E12 E Electric Tankless Water Heater

Features of the StiebelEltron DHC-E12

Product Dimensions

Product dimension is important due to the size and your choice. However, the dimension of this best electric tankless water heater is 4.1 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches that would be so smart to fit with other appliances so far.

Design and Style

The style provided as DHC-E 12 is considered as the most power compact design specifically very pointy in its outstanding performance with nice outlook. The design with featured with that style may be helpful to get and set it easy in the household.

Power Source and voltage

The requirement of voltage keeps the tankless water heater as the best appliance regarding its usage. 240 volts is required from the AC power source for make this StiebelEltron tankless water heater more functional.

Temperature Range

The temperature range varied from 86-125 degrees Fahrenheit, it is specific and can clear your required demand from your point of choice for hot water.

Flow Rate

Flow rate, an important feature can be understood and of course the capacity of the water heater really dependent on it. 1.5 GPM with 300 PSI pressure is triggered as the maximum flow rate for this tank less water heater. The thinking is great with that flow hopefully very much substantial as per your daily demand of hot water.


It is someone’s thinking that is this tankless water heater can be used in both inside and outside of the room? The answer of this question for this tank less water is No, this tankless water would be used specifically only for the inside of the room. So, thinking would be clear before the buying as per your need, where you want to install this tankless water heater so far.


  • Sleek design:- The Simple plumbing system and sleek deign it provided really a matter of choice as you can fit it any location with other home appliances. The outlook with the sleek design is outstanding and gorgeous to choose without any hesitation. The smart outlook as a good home appliance would be essential as it matters with the beauty of your home or washroom where you set the tankless water heater.
  • Advanced microprocessor controls:- The advanced microprocessor adds value to the control of temperature even in the low flow rate. The way to produce hot water with the combination of flow rate would be very specified due to the advanced micro processor.
  • Best warranty:- The life time warranty facilities made it important with the satisfaction of customers when the service required.
  • Easy and sophisticated:- The use of this tankless water heater is very easy and sophisticated with user friendly nature. The selection of this water heater would be enough to think and provide a solution for your required hot water with a hassle free journey.
  • Superior reliable performance:- The reliable performance is of course a criterion to take decision when you are going to buy a tank less water heater. The reliability of the performance indicates with priority design and complies with other option that produces quality performance at the end. The reliability of the performance with hot water production mentioned the key elements and justification that can manage the interest of the customers with satisfaction.


It is happened sometimes that the heat would be less due to the lack of proper installation. So it would be sophisticated if you call an electrician before installation. Otherwise, read the installation process very carefully and install with the rationalistic point of view for installation. I think again, make sure the installation you made become correct like a professional electrician.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Question: Will this tankless water heater work on 50 amp sub panel with a circuit for 220 at 30 amps?
  • Answer: I think it would be okay to make it functional within this circuit.
  • Question: What about the weight of this product?
  • Answer: It is more like 5 lbs and move able easily.
  • Question: Is it possible to produce enough water for a bath tub?
  • Answer: Yeah, of course, it is possible to produce enough hot water for bath tub as it has 1.5 GPM flow rate during hot water production.


Better think about a product would be a better solution when you are going to buy a Tankless water heater. Regarding the choice of you for this StiebelEltron DHC-E12 E Electric Tankless Water Heater, made it clear that it is one of the best water heaters indeed, people choose it and satisfied during their usage. However, the plan for taking the water heater would be nice and warmed enough regarding the choice and need for hot water even get a hot shower in the cold weather. The feature, style and design and customer’s review made it clear and provide ample scope to think on this StiebelEltron DHC-E12 E Electric Tankless Water Heater with the positive attitude to be honest. Though the product vary somehow, so please be careful in its installation and keep your eyes open to read all things during the buying of this product. Hopefully, it would be good journey with this best tankless water heater through the use and get the proper service lifelong.

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