Water is the essential element in our environment. It is impossible to think about the human existence without water. Therefore water has a significant impact in almost all the fields of this planet earth. Now the water can be divided into many parts. There are mineral water, natural water, hot water, cold water, dirty water and so on. We are going to talk about the hot water, how we get it through the water heaters and what water heater products are the best. We will discuss in brief about the hot water source. After reading the whole article, you will gain some knowledge of the tankless water heater. The water heater machine comes with a world where you find the ‘heater.’ It clears that the machine is going to heat something and the question arises what it will heat. The answer is Water. The main purpose of a water heater is to heat the water according to the command of the user. The machine heats water when it is needed. As it is about the tankless water heater, you have to know what tankless machine is. A tankless water heater does not contain any tank. Unlike the traditional tank water heaters, it directly supplies water from the main source to the user. It heats the water by the heating elements then provides the hot water to the person who is using it. There are no storage or tank materials. Now let’s see what makes a water heater the best.

Eccotemp i12-NG Indoor tankless heater 12 inch NPT water fittings


The quality tankless water heaters are the ones who have decent attributes. Many of the people may disagree that only the class does not make a water heater very good. They may say that there is the durability of a product which is another crucial point. Yes, of course, the sustainability is essential,but the strength comes when the product quality is excellent. A product cannot last for a long time if the quality is not good. When the build quality of a water heater is decent, it continues for a long time. On the other hand, when the build materials of a radiator are useful, it gives a long lasting service. Therefore the quality is the most important thing.


Secondly, there is the feature. The facilities you are going to get with a water heater. A long time ago, there was no unique characteristic of a tank water heater,but as the era has passed, the tankless water heaters come up with a big revolution in the field of the water heater. Therefore another point of a tankless water heater is its facilities or advantages. Not all the heaters offer you lots of features,but most of the tankless water heaters offer the best features for the users to make their work comfortable. So the best tankless heaters are those who have good qualities as well as useful features


The durability of a product is significant obviously. The durable products always bring a smile on the user's face. It values the user money. The user gets a good value for his money when the water heater is durable. The durability comes with the quality. A product will be sustainable regarding the class.


The tankless water heaters which are friendly to the users are the best ones without any doubt. It is the user who is going to operate and use the product. If he is not happy, the whole process of producing a product fails. Therefore products should be user-friendly. There are many advantages which are considered as the user-friendly benefits. These advantages help the user to use the product more accessible. Also, the user can save the extra cost of him by utilizing some advanced features of the water heater.

Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM Indoor Direct Vent Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

The water heater has impressive ability regarding saving the energy. The building structure of the water heater is another significant advantage for the user because they will get a durable product. The advanced control system is yet one more best feature of this water heater. It contains the heater exchanger. It will make your journey with the water heater more comfortable and relaxed.


●Can save energy up to 94% comparing to other water heater products
●Doesn't emit harmful gas because it is a low NOx version heater
●Ensures safety and efficiency through the electric controller


●Takes much time to supply the hot water

Siogreen IR6000 240V/14kW/60A Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater

The Sio Green water heater has an excellent response from the users. It has gained lots of positive feedbacks as well as five stars. Undoubtedly it is one of the bests in this list. It has several unique features like the coil-less technology. Moreover, it comes with the infrared energy of the quartz. Therefore the water heater will serve you in the best way.


●Provides 3.6 GPM hot water at a rise of 30 Fahrenheit
●Energies the hot water by a technology that is called coil-less
●Doesn't waste water or electricity because it supplies and heats only when you need


●The heater sometimes leaks internally

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

The Takagi heaters always come up with some excellent surprises. The water heater has incredible BTU and energy factor. Get ready to save some bucks with this water heater. Furthermore, the endless supply of the warmest water will make you fall in love with the water heater. For the vast families, the water heater is the best choice without any doubt.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater


●Comes with decent energy factor to save the electric bill of the user as well as the energy
●Contains high flow rate that means it will give you the fastest warm water
●Comes in a handy size which is very useful to the user regarding space saving


●Not a product that lasts for a long time

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

The water heating machine has everything a user needs. The space saver, energy saver, brilliant design and extraordinary quality. With the lifetime warranty, the user will be super happy to get it. The most promising feature of the EcoSmart water heater is always the cost-saving feature. You are going to get it with this excellent product too.


●Saves the space in the house with space saving design
●Equipped with the famous self-modulation mechanism
●Contains replaceable elements to ensure the user comfort if the machine faces any issue


●Sometimes the heater fails to heat the water properly

How good are tankless water heaters?

The tankless water heaters are excellent when it is about the quality. The famous and reputed brands are producing the tankless heaters. Therefore people are getting more advanced and new products as the days are passing. Let’s look at some points why the tankless water heaters are good.

Energy Efficient

First of all the water heaters are super energy efficient. In the old days, no water heater was competent enough to the heat. Those products consumed lots of powers which used to result in too much bill in the house. Therefore some people still do not believe that the tankless water heaters are efficient enough. They still think that the products cause a considerable amount of electric bill. The statement is entirely false at present. There is no such water heater which is tankless and doesn't save energy. By keeping the heat, these products are protecting the valuable money as well as the environment.

No Pain in the Tank

The tankless heaters have removed the pain of the tank water heater. Long ago people had to wait all day long for the hot water. Even the rain did not come boiling. It was warm. The users had to wait to fill the tank and so on. It was very annoying. It used to waste the time of people. However, the tankless water heater has brought the revolution the world. Now you get hot water in a short time. No matter how much water you want, you are going to get that because the water heater supplies endless hot water. Most importantly, there is no requirement of the tank.

Digital Display and Controller

The latest water heaters which are tankless have the display with all the new digital parameters. People can now feel the real enjoyment of the hot water. They can see the show if the water is warm enough or not. There is no need to take any risk to test the water temperature. Unlike the old days, people do not have to use their hand for checking the temperature. It is a danger to the user because the water might be too hot. Therefore the tankless heaters of the water are safe also. By watching the temperature on display, a user can set temperature according to his own will. It is a revolutionary feature of the water heating machine.

Easier Installation

Another significant benefit of a tankless water heater is the lightweight and small size. It is not like a big monster. As a result, the installation process is straightforward and handy. Even some people do it on their own. They do not also call the experts do the task because it has become easier than before. On the other hand, all the water heater products come with sufficient materials for installation purpose. There is no chance of extra cost with a tankless water heater. The installation process does not take lots of time. The traditional water heater used to make the whole day and even more for installation. However, now with the new technology, everything has come one step forward. So is the tankless water heater.

Do tankless water heaters save money?

The tankless water heaters obviously save money for a user. The traditional water heaters used to cost us a lot. The electricity bill was massive in those days. People could not even get a solution then. They used to suffer lack of modern technologies. Nowadays, things have changed completely. The water heaters save money for the user. Most of the water heater products come with the energy saving ability. It is a must feature for all of the water heaters. Some of them are 50% energy efficient,and some of them are 70% energy efficient. According to the best electric tankless water heater consumer reports, some of the heaters are even 90% energy efficient. As a result, the users can save a considerable amount of money regularly. It was not a typical sight a long time ago. The modern technologies have made it possible. If the old electricity bill was $200 monthly, now that same family is paying $60 electricity bill. The energy-efficient technology is saving the bucks tremendously. You might question yourself that how a water heater or the technology do so. If we go back to the old era, you will see a tank water heater is running all day connecting to an electric outlet. For this reason, the bill used to be high. Now it does not happen. The water heaters have the self-modulation technology. It is mainly made for the efficiency. When you are not using the water heater, it automatically goes to the eco/idle mode where no electricity has been used. It only costs energy at the time of using it. In this way, the water heater uses less power than before. When the voltage is applied less, the bill should not be much. Therefore, you do not have to spend lots of bucks on the monthly bill at present.

How do you install a tankless water heater?

The installation process of a tankless heater is sometimes natural and sometimes painful. If the water heater is not a significant product or doesn't need that much connectivity, you can do it on your own. To do the task, follow the steps provided below.

STEP-1: First of all, make sure the water heater is compatible with your electric line. If it is a gas water heater, ensure that the gas line is excellent for the water heater.

STEP-2: You are recommended to use the materials that are given along with the water heater. Do not use other materials which are not authorized by the particular company.

STEP-3: Start the process by turning off the incoming source line of the water.

STEP-4: If you have an existing water heater, disconnect the water line from it. If you do not have any water heater already then skip this step.

STEP-5: Another optional step. Remove all the heat source from the existing water heater. You must make sure that all the valves are closed.

STEP-6: After obliterating the existing water heater, unbox the new water heater and place all the hardware accessories near the radiator. Do not forget to clean the space.

STEP-7: Now take the user manual/instruction manual in your hand and read it attentively. You have to understand everything correctlyor you will face issues during installation.

STEP-8: After going through the manual, do the task of mounting the water heater on the wall. Do it according to the instruction manual.

STEP-9: Now connect the water heater to all the connections.

STEP-10: If you bought a gas water heater then you must install the ventilation ducting. It is required for the gas water heating machines.

STEP-11: It is the most crucial part. Connect the water heater to the water supply line. Then do the same to the heating line/source. Be careful while doing this task. You have to do this step entirely.

STEP-12: By lighting up the pilot, your tankless water heater is ready to shine!

Doing the above steps will help you ultimately to install the water heater. However as the days are going on, the companies are introducing new and latest product with advanced technologies. There are varieties of water heaters like the under sink water heater and portable tankless water heater. Therefore all the water heaters might not install in this way. You can know quickly how to connect your water heater by reading the user manual. After reading the instructions, you will realize if the method will work with your machine or not. The technique is a basis for the users who want to do this job. Keep in mind that you have to keep yourself safe while doing this task. Especially if you do not have some knowledge of the tankless water heater, it is better for you to keep a distance from this task. Make sure you are obeying all the safety rules.

What is a hybrid water heater?

The hybrid water heater is another unbelievable revolution in the water heater field. A famous company has introduced the products. According to them, it is the best water heater that a man can ever have. Well, the statement is not wrong. It has already got so much fame from the users and customers. The most excellent feature of the hybrid water heater is, it saves the energy more than any water heaters currently. Now the question arises, how the hybrid water heater does so. According to a reliable source which is GE, the hybrid water heater consumes the heat in the air. After doing so, the machine transfers that particular heat to the ordinary water. The hybrid water heater has different categories of it. In the case of the Eternal hybrid water heater, the machine uses several passes of the heat. It chooses the best possible throw to warm up the regular water according to the Eternal Water Heater source. As a result, the water heater can save the most energy. Now let’s see a few benefits of a hybrid water heater.

●The water heater saves the space in the house because it has a compact size. Hybrid does not mean it comes with a considerablequantity. The size is small. Thus it helps to save the storage in a house.
●The most attractive feature of hybrid water is the energy efficiency. It is up to 98% energy efficient. As a result, you can save lots of money that cannot be collected while using the pure water heaters.
●The installation process of the water heater would be natural too. Unlike thetankless water heater, people will not face difficult issues while installing the hybrid water heater
●It contains short water storage also according to some of the sources
●The GE has said that we can save almost $2200 per year if we use the hybrid water heater properly

Final Verdict

The water heater is one of the most used appliances at the present time all over the world. Though it has not arrived all over the world countries, it has earned some serious popularity in the Europe and America countries. The reason why the product is not available worldwide is, people cannot afford the price of it. On the other hand, the Asian countries do not have sufficient electricity facility in some regions. So it is impossible for those areas inhabitants to take the benefit of a water heater. However, it can be said that soon tankless water heaters will step up to every corner of the world. As the technology is advancing, it is not unimaginable that one day this product will be available all over the world. However, it is essential to learn about the water heaters because you can be the next owner of it. Here you will get some knowledge for the tankless water heater. It will enhance your understanding of this particular product. Thus you can choose the right one for you.

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