SioGreen IR288 Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you are planning to get a water heater that can supply hot water fast, you should go for the SioGreen IR288 Electric Tankless Water Heater. With its maximum flow rate and advanced technology, the water heater can provide water faster than the other water heaters which are traditional. The water heater has amazing ability to give hot water to the users. It can provide up to two showers within only 40 seconds. The feature is very rare and probably the best feature of this machine. It comes with some other good qualities too. These things are given so that the water heater can be more friendly to the user than before it was. The process of installation is not a hard task for this unit. You can easily install the machine as every step are included along with the water heater. Additionally, you can take the help of the expert to make your work faster than before. Let’s dig into the features of this decent heater.

SioGreen IR288 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Long Lasting Warm Water

The water heater gives water for a long time. It is not a water heater that gives you lots of water for five minutes and then all of a sudden stops supplying water fully. With the infrared technology, it keeps giving the user warm water. It doesn't run out of the hot water so easily. If you use it for a long time, the flow rate may decreases. But it will continue providing hot water to the user unless there is a stop command from the owner.

Simple Installation

The water heater doesn't need so many materials to get installed. Your plumber can do the job quite easily with the regular accessories. There is an instruction manual from the manufacturer where your plumber can find the information regarding the ways of installing it. The company made the water in a way which will be helpful for the user to understand the installing process while doing the job. As a result, it can save you significant time.

Low Cost

Another fine feature of the water heater is, it can run in the most efficient way. The water heater uses less power from the electric source. It this way, the energy is saved crucially. On the other side, it uses low amperage. It doesn't mean the water cannot deliver high performance. Obviously, it does the job pretty well. The water heater is known to save more than 65% energy comparing to the current water heaters. It is a great achievement indeed for the SioGreen water heater.

Less Maintenance

Some people have a wrong concept that the water heater needs very much maintenance from the user. It is not true and in this case, the statement is totally wrong. There is no need to stay beside the water heater or clean it all day long. As the heater is made of premium materials, it can provide extraordinary service for a long time with low maintenance. If you want, you can clean it once in a month or not. It is totally up to you.


  • Comes with an excellent rate of the water flow which is 2.30 GPM
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    Needs less maintenance than the other water heaters
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    Uses low amperage to ensure the product is efficient and saving energy
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    Decrease the cost of the energy more than 65%
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    Made to last more than ten years according to the company

Cons With Solution


            ●Poor user manual as well as poor customer support

Solution: The SioGreen company is a decent brand who have started producing the water heaters recently. With this water heater, the company has gained some bad reputations. The water heater comes with a user manual which is terrible for the users. The manual is given so that people can install their products properly. But here the manual is not clear and doesn’t help the user in a good way. Even it causes several issues. To get rid of the problem, the user should follow the internet manuals where he will get the particular information about the water heater. The user can take help from the people who have used or using the product. If these things do not work at all then the user should make a return to Amazon and take a look at the other water heater models at this price range. There are many Electric water heaters like the EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater.

SioGreen IR288 Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What volt do I need to run the water heater?
    A: You need to have minimum 220 volts to ensure the proper run of this water heater. It will not run until the volt is more than 200.
  • Q. What is the weight of this item?
    A: It has a very lightweight. The weight of the machine is only 10 pounds.
  • Q. How much warranty the user is going to get?
    A: The product has 2 years of full warranty facility from the manufacturer. It is an admirable step by the company.


People often come with a familiar complaint after using water heaters that is the machine is not providing enough hot water heater. What will be the use of the water heater if it doesn't supply hot water? Therefore it’s a big issue when you are not getting sufficient hot water from your water heater. Here SioGreen IR288 Electric Tankless Water Heater is a solution. It will be an end to your sufferings of the issue by this tremendous water heater. It has good quality as well as the superb capacity to give you pure hot water. It will not stop giving hot water after some of the days. It will continue to provide warm water as long as you use it. People who have to spend much time in the bathroom for the shower should go for the water heater as it has got the ability to supply water for a long time. The price of the product is reasonable too. You can go for it undoubtedly.

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Teresa J. Sawyers - October 29, 2018

I live in Florida and have one shower and one sink and washer. What size unit do I need?

    Tanklessly - November 13, 2018

    Thank’s for join with Tanklessly.You can check this EcoSmart Eco 11 for your sink and washer.

Teresa J. Sawyers - October 29, 2018

I have a kitchen sink bathroom sink and shower so what size unit do I need? Also, a washer

    Tanklessly - November 13, 2018

    Thanks for joining with Tanklessly. We recommend you this SioGreen IR288 Elictric tankless water heater because it’s water flow is 2.30GMP its enough for your kitchen, bathroom, and other use.

ian - August 13, 2019

hi, i will have a house built. i want a tankless electric water heater… I will have two showers, two sinks and a washing machine. what do you suggest.. Ian

Enos Dogbey - August 18, 2019

If cold water inflow pressure reduce, out flow hot water temperature goes dangerously higher than the set value on temperature regulator control


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