Rinnai RUC98iN Gas Tankless Water Heater

The most powerful tankless water heaters are the ones that run on the gas. The gas running water heater can give you amazing performance in terms of warm water. The problem is that some people do not like the gas heaters because of some specific reasons. One of them is the harmful gas emission of the water heater. Here we have come with a superb water heater which is called as the Rinnai RUC98iN Gas Tankless Water Heater. It will get you rid of the harmful gas issue. The water heater has a special feature to prevent unwanted harmful gas. It’s called ultra-low emissions of NOx. The benefit of this feature is, it will prevent the dangerous emission of gas as much as it can. Moreover, the heater has some more things to offer for its user. The energy factor which saves your precious money is up to 0.96 in this gas tankless water heater. As a result, the energy will be saved.

Rinnai RUC98iN Gas Tankless Water Heater


Design to Save Space

The water heater is very popular in terms of saving space in your house. The design of the water heater is made in a particular way where the user will be able to save his valuable home space. It is the advanced design that has made the water heater a space saver. On the other hand, the design looks attractive too. There is no complaint about the design of the water heater. People will absolutely love it.

Perfect for Indoor

The water heater is a perfect addition to the indoor materials of a house. Often people do not understand the difference between an outdoor water heater and an indoor heater. As a result, they suffer lack of the perfect water heater in their houses. To get rid of the confusion, you can purchase the water heater if you are looking for an indoor heating machine of the water. The heater is made considering the house structure and other criteria to be the perfect indoor equipment.

Low Emission of Gas

An infamous problem of the water heater is the emission of harmful gases. The problem occurs in the gas water heaters as these products run by the gas. Lots of water heaters are available on the market but it is hard to find a product that doesn't emit harmful gas. Here you have got one. The water heater has the lowest emission of the gas. For this reason, you will be super safe. The water heating machine will be running properly with this feature.

Venting Option

The water heater has got an extra advantage which is the venting ability. You can do the venting process if you want with this water heater. There are people who do not like the venting thing. Again there are a specific number of people who like to use the water heaters by venting. For them, the option is given by the company called Rinnai. You can use the vent for further comfort and if you don't want, you can just ignore the option. It’s your choice.


  • Has the high rate of BTU that helps to give the hottest water
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    Saves energy as it has got tremendous energy factor
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    Doesn't release harmful gases which ensures the safety of the user
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    Designed with a structure that saves the house space
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    Contains a venting option that is PVC for further user comfort

Cons with Solution

             ●The water heater is not giving hot water in time

Solution: The Rinnai water heater is one of the best products on the market. But this particular water heater has an issue which is the water heater is unable to give enough water in time. It’s a big problem because the cost of this water heater is too much. After spending lots of money, if the water heating machine doesn't work, it’s a matter of sorrow actually. The water heater is said to provide water fast. There can be many reasons why the machine is not supplying hot water properly. First of all, check the shower head to make sure the flow rate is not very low. The flow rate is a crucial point which should be considered to increase the hot water rate. If the flow rate is low, try to increase the rate so that it can provide fast water. On the other hand, you should upgrade to a high the shower flow rate if still, it’s not supplying warm water. It should be maintained regularly to ensure a peaceful service from the water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can I do the ventilation with this water heater?
    A: Yes, you can do the ventilation. The water heater has the additional facility for the PVC ventilation.
  • Q. Does this unit emit any kind of gases?
    A: No, there is no such complaint from the users. It has the ultra low emission of harmful gas so there is no worry.
  • Q. What is the weight of the water heater?
    A: The weight of the water heater is 82 pounds. It can be a difficult task to carry the water heater sometimes.


At the present time, every house needs at least one water heater to fulfill the need of warm water for that specific resident. Unfortunately, some of the house owners do not buy water heaters because of a particular issue that is lack of enough space. To solve the problem, the reputed companies started making tankless water heaters. It saves space as well as gives modern facilities to the house members. Rinnai RUC98iN Gas Tankless Water Heater is one of the best modern tankless and space-saving water heaters currently. The dimension and design of the product allow the user to fit the heater anywhere inside the house. Additionally, the water heater comes with venting option of PVC which is a great feature for the modern time. The weight of the water is not that much. It will help you to carry the product comfortably. The gas heater weighs only 61.7 lbs. Overall it’s a nice product at a reasonable price.

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