Rheem RTGH-95XLN Natural Gas Water Heater

The customers who are seeking the best water heater in terms of saving the energy should buy the Rheem RTGH-95XLN Natural Gas Water Heater.It is undoubtedly the best energy saving product among the water heaters. The water heater contains an energy factor rate of .94. Not only the internal saving facility, the water heater has got a body which is efficient for the environment too. The body is made of the steel which is efficient and stainless. Therefore the whole package of the water heater is an efficient product indeed. On the other side, the water heater has tremendously amazing flow rate. So the fastest water heater is going to come to you through this incredible water heater. Often we see people wait for a long time to get the warm water from the heating machine. Here the case will be completely different. You are going to enjoy the hottest water in a short time.

Rheem RTGH-95XLN Natural Gas Water Heater

Decent Energy Factor

The energy factor is directly related to the point where it decides if the water heater will be energy efficient or not. The energy factor of the heating machine is one of the bests on the market of water heaters. It has got an amazing factor of energy. As a result, it will not waste any kind of energy at all. The water heater will utilize every single energy it gets. Moreover, it will run with the lowest energy so that the user can save his money too.

Remote Control

It’s an outdoor water heater that means you cannot stay beside the machine all the time. You have to go here and there for several purposes. In that case, it will not be problematic at all. The water heater can run by a remote. You can effortlessly control the water heater by a remote. No matter where you are, you can still control the temperature and other functions of the water heater by the remote. The remote control feature is yet another great thing for this machine.

Best for Outdoor

The water heater is perfectly made to keep pace with the outside climate. It’s a complete outdoor water heater. You are unable to use it indoors. For this reason, all of the features are given considering the outdoor condition. The rainy season or the snow season will not create any issue inside the water heater. In the outside body, it will be safe too. Everything is dedicated to enhancing the water heater ability to be the best outdoor water heater.

Long Wire

Sometimes it’s difficult for a water heater to get adjusted outside of the house. The reason is, an electric outlet is so far from the outside. You cannot use water heaters without the electric outlet. On the other side, the wire is not long enough. If the wire is long enough, you can connect the water heater to the outlet easily. Therefore the Rheem water heater comes with the long wire to give a solution to the problem. With the long wire, people can easily connect the water heater even if the electric outlet is far from the outdoor area.

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  • Claims to be the best flow rate on the market
  • plane
    Made of efficient build materials to ensure the durability
  • plane
    Comes with a remote control to take the full control of the machine
  • plane
    Perfect for the families with lots of members


●The user manual is not clear and doesn't have enough information to install the machine

Solution: Rheem brand is one of the most trusted choices for the customers who are willing to buy the water heaters. The brand has earned the reputation by giving good quality service. But it has one big complaint from a user. The complaint says that this Rheem water heater doesn't have a decent user manual. As a result, the user fails to install the water heater. The user manual must be very clear and supportive because it’s the book by which you can install the water heater. To get rid of this situation, the user should at first talk to the customer care service center. They are supposed to be supportive. If they cannot help you, visit several water heater websites. You might find install instruction of your water heater. Additionally, you can search for it too on the internet. Moreover, people who are using the product can help you. In these ways, you will hopefully find your solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Will this work inside of the house?
    A: No, it will not work properly there. Moreover, the company has prohibited to use it indoors.
  • Q. What is the difference between this version and the RTG version?
    A: There is a slight difference between them. The RTGH unit is more efficient than the RTG version.
  • Q. What is the weight of the water heater?
    A: The water heater weight is noted more than 79 pounds. It is a bit heavy water heater.


The gas water heaters were ignored by most of the people in the old days. This sight has changed noticeably. The gas water heaters have gained popularity worldwide because of the heavy tasks. If you want a heavy amount of hot water then gas water heater is a must. Now you might think which heater should be good for you. Without any confusion, you can take the Rheem RTGH-95XLN Natural Gas Water Heater.It is a water heater that would be perfect for outdoor. It has everything that an outdoor product needs. The weather of the outdoor will not harm the machine in any way because it is made to use in outdoor. The manufacturer has made the installation work easy for the user. The package will contain every material you need to do the job. Therefore you do not have to be anxious about the installation time. Overall it’s one of the bests among the gas tankless water heaters.

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