Rheem RTG-84XLN Natural Gas Water Heater

If you need hot water every day, you should choose to buy a gas water heater. These gas water heaters are made for the regular and heavy work. Here comes a decent gas water heater which is also tankless. The name of the heater is Rheem RTG-84XLN Natural Gas Water Heater. It’s a gas powered water heater that provides natural warm water to your daily use. The most impressive thing that the product offer is the fastest rate of providing water. It can give you more than 8-gallon water in a minute. To get the facility, you have to use a rise of 35 degrees in the water heater. Moreover, it’s an outdoor water heater. You don’t have to be anxious when you are using it outside of your house. It’s made especially for outdoor. The water heater has the ability to keep pace with the outside weather and situation. Let’s get to know more about the natural gas water heater.

Rheem RTG-84XLN Natural Gas Water Heater


Control through Remote

The water heater can be controlled through a default remote that comes with the water heater machine. You do not need to touch anything or press any button to run the water heater. Simply just operate the remote to control the water heater. Without a remote, people normally come near the water heater and press the buttons or slide it to increase and decrease the temperature. On the other hand, you can sit comfortably on the sofa and run the water heater through the remote.

Fastest Hot Water

The Rheem water heater provides the fastest and hottest water on the market. Undoubtedly no other water heater can beat the Rheem water heater in terms of the water flow rate. The water flow of the heater is more than 8 GPM! It is a feature that has made the water heater a beast in this field. So if you are a person who is always in hurry for something, you should go for the water heater. It will serve your purposes in the best way.

Outdoor Proof

The water heater is an outdoor product. You can use the product outside of your house without any tension because it is outdoor weatherproof. It means the rain, snow or the storm cannot do any harm to the water heater. It will continue to do its work according to the command. The areas where the climate changes constantly are the perfect place for this water heater. People of these areas can enjoy hot water with this beast machine.

Magnificent Rate of BTU

Not only the flow rate, the British thermal unit rate of this water heater is admirable too. The BTU is very important in terms of supplying the hot water. It depends more on the BTU than other criteria that the water heater will give proper hot water or not. As this water heater comes with excellent BTU rate, there is no need to worry about the hot water. You will get clean hottest water within the best possible short time.

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  • Gives the hot water with the fastest water flow rate on the market
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    Doesn't face any issues outdoor as it is perfect for the condition
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    Doesn't release injurious gases though it is a gas water heater
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    Comes with a remote which you can use for controlling the water heater
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    Provides continuous supply of the hot water because the engine never runs out of it

Cons With Solution

     ●The water heater makes an unusual sound that is very annoying

Solution: The Rheem water heater is very popular in the water heater market because of some incredible features. But with all the features, it comes with a different complaint which is the annoying noise of it. Many of the users have claimed that the water heater makes unusual noise while running. It’s annoying as well as a disadvantage of the water heater. It can happen because of a specific reason. The water heater tank is not fine which is why it is failing to give comfortable service. The tank might be filled with unusual sediment or scale. For this reason, the operation of the water heater is harmed. You have to flush the water heater. This is the only way to clean the sediment. You can follow the traditional way of cleaning the tank. By repeating the cleanup process, the user can get the solution. Moreover, there are experts who can do the job by taking some bucks. You can do it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does this water heater support four bedrooms?
    A: Yes, it does. It will be suitable for you but if the temperature is too cold then you might have some issues.
  • Q. Does the water heater come with a conversion kit for the propane?
    A: No, it doesn’t. You will get no conversion kit with the gas water heater.
  • Q. What kind of panel is required for the operation of the water heater?
    A: The water heater needs an outlet panel to run.


Some of the people do not use water heaters though they actually need it. They are scared of the harmful gas that water heater releases. For them, Rheem RTG-84XLN Natural Gas Water Heater is the best option. The Rheem water heater comes with the new technology that is called helps to reduce the amount of harmful gas in the water heater. There will be no worry of any kind of danger with this water heater as it has the technology to prevent gas. On the other hand, the water heater has got an impressive rate of flow for water. It will help you to get your desired amount of water within a short time. The user is going to get a remote control which is UMC-117. It allows the user to adjust the tankless water heater machine according to his need. As it’s an outdoor water heater, there will be no risk to using it under the sun or in the rain. Overall the water heater is a wise choice for any kind of purpose.

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