Rheem RTEX-08 240V Heating Chamber Residential Tankless Water Heater

Some of the users of water heaters have a complaint which is the price of a water heater is too much. Even some people can’t even afford the price of several water heaters. For them, Rheem RTEX-08 240V Heating Chamber Residential Tankless Water Heater is the best choice. It is one of the best water heaters on the reasonable price list. The price of the product is not that much. It’s made for everyone and this is the reason why the price is low. Though the price is not much, it does have several features that will help the user to use the heater properly and comfortably. It’s a pure indoor water heater. Therefore the installation process is quite easy in this one. Unlike other water heaters, it doesn’t take much time to get installed completely. The product has two elements for heating purpose. As a result, the machine delivers enough hot water. The flow rate of the water heater is also good enough.

Rheem RTEX-08 240V Heating Chamber Residential Tankless Water Heater

Thermostatic Digital Control

The Rheem water heater has an extraordinary control setup to make a room for the user to control and monitor the machine. The thermostatic display is different from the ordinary digital display. It has many advanced features like the easier controlling system and so on. The new features will help the user to run and use the water heater more comfortably than before. The user will not face any issue with the latest thermostatic controlling system.

Energy Efficient

The new tankless water heaters have gained the popularity and trust of the users through the user and environmentally friendly features and technology. The companies tried to make the new water heaters as good as possible for both the environment and the user. One of the most amazing facilities is the energy efficient ability of the water heater. It saves the precious energy that can be used in other important works. On the other side, it also saves money for the user.

Quick Water

One more good thing about the water heater is the quickly supply of the water. It’s not possible for some people to wait for the shower after getting ready. These people look for a better water heater that can serve their purposes. If you are one of them, you should get this one. The product is quite good in terms of fast supply of the hot water. There will be no need of waiting if you are using this water heater for hot water purposes.

Simple Installation

The installation of the Rheem tankless water heaters is always easy. The company has made it possible. They wanted to provide a good and comfortable service to the users. Therefore they use some advanced mechanism so that the users can install the water heaters quickly. You are going to get an adapter, cord and other accessories with it. These materials are given so that the user will not suffer lack of proper materials. The installation will be easy after all.


  • Comes with a digital controller that can be adjusted according to the customer requirement
  • Contains a type of element that is made of copper ensuring the durability of this tankless water heater
  • Saves energy with more than 99% energy efficient technology
  • Has all the necessary facilities like effortless replacement and easy installation

Cons with Solution

●The water heater fails to give enough hot water

Solution: The water heater is a residential product with an amazing chamber of heating that heats the water properly. Unfortunately, though it has a heating chamber, it doesn’t provide water which is seriously ‘Hot’. The complaint has been given by several users who have bought the Rheem product of water heater. If the water heater is not giving you hot water then it will be nothing but a waste. To get rid of the major issue, the user should talk with the company representatives at first. They are the ones who should help you the most in this situation. If they fail to give you a proper solution or not so supportive then you can do some steps on your own to solve the problem. Check the heating elements at first. It is the part which warms the water in the machine. The heating elements might be ruined. You can buy the heating elements of your water heater model from the market. Secondly, do check the burner of a water heater. It is another important part to heat the water up. Doing these steps can give you a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Where the water heater was made?
    A: The water heater is made in China. It is one of the best residential water heaters.
  • Q. What amperage breaker is needed for this tankless water heater?
    A: You need minimum 40-ampere breaker to run the water heater. It runs well at this rate of an amp.
  • Q. which side is the inlet of the cold water heater?
    A: Check the right side of the water heater carefully. You will find the inlet where the cold water enters.


The traditional water heaters used to cost a lot to its user. It was a big problem for the people who cannot use the shower without warm water. But the tankless water heaters came with a technology that saves much cost to the user. Rheem RTEX-08 240V Heating Chamber Residential Tankless Water Heater is also a cost saving water heater. It will help you to reduce the high cost of maintenance and electric bill. The heater is 99.8% efficient of cost. It’s a great advantage for the user because he can save his precious money by this incredible machine. On the other hand, the water heater contains the latest temperature display. It’s a digital display that will show detail about the water temperature. You will have the opportunity to control the temperature as well as monitor it. The product parts can be replaced easily when it needs. It has easy replacement advantage. It will benefit the user when the machine is not working properly.

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