Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater

There are many people who do not use water heater that much. They use the product occasionally. Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater will be a perfect choice for them. The water heater has a unique ability. You can keep the water heater turned on and it will only supply water when it’s needed. You don’t have to remember to give a command to the water heater to get hot water. All you have to do is to make sure the heater is connected to an electric source. The rest job is up to the heater. It will keep the water hot and supply when you ask for it. It continuously keeps working and does the job of supplying sufficient water during the need. Besides this thing, the water heater is specifically made for the areas where the weather is rough. If you are a member of a warm climate area, you should undoubtedly choose the water heater. It will serve your purposes properly.

Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater

Hot Water Anytime

People who do not use hot water that much time can purchase this water heating machine. It will be the best choice for them to buy it. The water heater is famous for its continuous supply of the warm water. It will be available 24 hours. You can use the hot water anytime you want. If the heater is in delay, it will not waste energy. As a result, the cost will be saved too. Besides, you and your family members can get hot water anytime as the machine stores hot water.

Perfect for Warm Climate

People of the hot temperature areas cannot use the tankless water heaters. These water heaters are not made with the technology that will run smoothly in the hot climate. For this reason, the people of those areas suffer. They need hot water too but cannot get it. The Titan series is made for them. The series mainly focuses on that particular area where the hot weather is a common thing. The water heater is made for these areas. You will not face any issue regarding the hot weather with this machine.


The durability option is the most wanted facility that a user can wish for. The durable product lasts for a long time and provides tremendous service. On the other side, it also gives proper value to your money. The Titan series products are durable. There is no doubt about it. It is made for those hot climate areas. To survive in that type of area, the product needs to be durable. Therefore the company has used the most sturdy materials to make the product.

Untroubled Installation

The installation can be an issue after buying a tankless water heater. Often it becomes a big problem for the users of the water heaters. In this case, it will never be a problem because the installation process is effortless. The necessary materials are given along with water heater so that the users can have a comfortable experience during the setup process of the machine. You can hire someone additionally to get the work done faster.


  • Made according to the condition of the hot climate areas
  • Provides an instant supply of warm water with the fast flow rate
  • Ensures durability as it is made of high-quality materials
  • Gives hot water for a long time
  • Saves the user’s valuable time by getting installed in a short time


●Water constantly leaks from the water heater

Solution: The Titan series of the water heater is famous for some unique features and facilities. However, some of the users do not agree that it is one of the best water heating machines. They have found the water heater leaks water and doesn't work well after it. Well, the issue can be something else which is not related to the manufacturer of the water heater. First of all, the valve of a water heater can cause it. If the valve is not tight enough, it might cause a water leak from the water heater. So you should tighten the valve but be careful not to tighten it too much. Then you should check the water spraying issue is present or not. It can be another cause of the problem. An old valve can cause the leaking issue too. In that case, the user has to remove the valve and get a new one. Additionally check the supply tubes too. These components are important for the water heater. If the tank leaks water then you have to get a new heating machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How many baths can I take with this water heater?
    A: You can take up to two baths quite comfortably. It depends on the pressure and flow rate of the water heater.
  • Q. Will this unit work with the pex line of the water?
    A: Yes, it will work actually but it should not be used with that. It is better to use the water heater normally.
  • Q. Does this water heater spread any type of smells?
    A: No, it doesn’t. The water heater doesn't even release any type of gases.


The Titan company has made some tremendous water heater in recent time. Electric SCR2 Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater is one of them. The water heater is one of the most popular heaters from the brand called the Titan. It has gained its popularity by the amazing job it provides in terms of hot water. The machine is always ready to give you good quality service. No matter when you ask for the warm water, you are going to get it in time. There are some areas in certain countries where you cannot use water heaters because of the rough climate. The heaters face a different kind of issues if these are installed in such areas. People are unable to get the advantage of water heater in those areas. For them, this is the best choice. Moreover, the water heater comes with several features like the energy efficient thing. Overall it will be a good choice if you are a citizen of warm climate area.

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Jan - October 5, 2019

Where can I buy this near Casa Grand, AZ 85139

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    Sir, If amazon available in your area you can purchase this tankless water heater through amazon Click Here
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Jan McGuffin - October 5, 2019

Where can I buy this near Casa Grand, AZ 85139

    Tanklessly - October 7, 2019

    Sir, You can order this product through amazon. Click Here
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