Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

The all-new tankless water heaters are a little bit hard to afford because of the high price. For this reason, many people cannot use and take advantage of water heaters. For them, Ecosmart has brought a solution which is the new modern Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. It’s not a full-size water heater. The water heater machine comes with a small size that can be carried easily. The water heater has a good storage too. It can store up to 2 gallons water in it. The families where the number of members is not too much can get this water heater. It will be the perfect buy from them. On the other hand, the water heater has several useful features with it. You can control the pressure of water through the valve. The water heater product is capable of using with different attachments. The attachment can be helpful when you need to get lots of water.

Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

Built-in Storage

The storage is an important thing for the water heaters. It can store water for the user and supply it when the user needs hot water. The Ecosmart mini water heater can store up to 2 gallons water. It’s a very useful feature for the users because the electricity is not available always in some particular areas. For this reason, turning on the water heater is not possible always. There is no need to worry because the storage will provide enough hot water.

Relief Valve

The relief valve is the most significant part because it can control the pressure of the water heater. The pressure of water is an important matter to consider. If the water pressure is not good enough or too much high, it will create a problem inside the machine. It will harm the water heater too. The users will not get hot water properly because of the wrong pressure of water. For this reason, the mini tankless heater has relief valve to create a decent pressure of the water.


As it is a mini water heater, the weight of this unit is light. It doesn’t come with a big-size weight. For this reason, carrying the mini water heater will be very easy for the users as well as the person who is running the water heater. The size is not huge. As a result, it will not take a big space at home. The mini water heater can be a great choice for the people who have lack of space in their houses. 

Effortless Installation Process

One of the most problematic issues during the setup process of a water heater is the wrong installation. People who don’t know much about the water heating machine suffer a lot because of the lack of knowledge. But with this water heater, you don’t have to anxious at all about the installation. The water heater comes with necessary materials to complete the installation of the water heater properly. It will save money for the user because the accessories are included.


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    Comes in a small size which you can put in a little place
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    Includes a valve to relieve the pressure of the water heater
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    Can be plugged into the outlet of 120 Volt
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    Comes with an easy installation system to save the time of the user
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    Has the storage of 2.5 gallons for further hot water collection


The water heater doesn't supply clean water

Solution: The mini tankless water is the most famous for its portability as well as the small-sized water heater. It has some great offers too. According to some users, the water heater is not the perfect one. It fails to supply clean water. The water heater gives hot water with sediment. Even sometimes the water is grey. It’s very annoying for the customers. The problem can happen lack of the softeners. The manufacturing companies always recommend softeners for the tankless water heaters because these products have the risk of giving dirty water. So try to buy softeners for your water heater. After using it, hopefully, you are going to get the problem solved. If it doesn't, you should flush the water heater system. Then you can use the solution of vinegar. Flush the system once again after doing so. The vinegar solution is highly recommended in these cases. If you still face the problem then you must replace the water heater filter.

Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How much water the mini tankless water heater can store?
    A: The water heater can store up to 2 gallons of the water. The user can use it when it is not connected to any electric panel.

  • Q. What electric outlet is required for this water heater?
    A: You need to connect the water heater to a 120 volts outlet of electricity. It will work properly if you do so.
  • Q. Is it compatible with the reverse osmosis filter of water?
    A: Of course, it is compatible with that. The osmosis water will work fine with the mini water heater.


The traditional water heaters of the market are costly as well as huge in size. People who do not like the big ones can purchase the Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. It’s not a big-size water heater at all. The water heater has lightweight. The size of this little machine is compact. You can put the mini water heater anywhere you want. All you need is a little space. The installation process of this water heater takes a short time. There is no need of any expert during the time of installation. An easy plug is included to remove the extra pain of installing a water heater. The most attractive thing about this product is the price. You are going to get it at a low cost. Affording a tankless water heater is not easy for all. But anyone who needs hot water at home can afford the heater because of the reasonable price.

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