EcoSmart ECO 27

The tankless water heater is supportive and time-consuming to get instant hot water. It is productive, energy saving and cost effective. The EcoSmart ECO 2 Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the best selling water heaters has the highest capacity to produce hot water rapidly. 17"H x 17"W x 3.75"D dimension Eco smart water heater having with 13.75 lbs and energy consuming features created the pathway to buy and use this heater efficiently.

The following reasons are in my showcase that influences me to buy this genuine product:

  • Gorgeous
  • Cost effective
  • Lifetime Guaranteed
  • Eco-friendly quality
EcoSmart ECO 27

Product Description

The EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater originated from china has a smart outlook having with proper dimension (17"H x 17"W x 3.75"D) and weight (16.8 pounds). The eco 27 tankless water heater has a specific size (17 x 17 x 3.5) to carry and cover an area easily. It ensures water efficiency with the certification of Watersense (A sponsored program under the EPA of US). It supports lifetime warranty on electronics exchanger and elements.


The wires and electrical components made it possible to install the eco smart tankless water heater shortest way. It requires 240 volts for providing services needs to be ensured during installation and sizing. The maximum performance and product durability will be maintained with the licensed professional installations.


Energy Consumption:

It requires 240 volts to function and consumes 27 kilowatts. 3 x 40 DP breaker is required having with 3 x 8 AWG wires and 200 Amps electrical panel to mobilize its functions.

Instant hot water production capacity:

The capacity of this eco-smart tankless water heater is enough to support a family in large scale. It can produce heat near about 3 gallons of water per minute. The instant capacity promotes services and ensures quality times.

Digital temperature control:

Digital controlling system helps to set need temperature manually. You can monitor and capture temperature in accordance with your choice. It is helpful and fruitful during uses for different purposes.

Modulation technology:

The Eco 27 tankless water heaters use modulation technology that ensures reliability, efficiency, and comfort. It helps to modify compressors performance at the respective temperature more efficiently. It offers the best possible solution for both commercial and residential applications with the utilization of Copeland scroll compressors. The overall benefit of this technology leads to make eco smart tankless water heater more energy consuming, reliable and sustainable to the consumers.

Activation flow:

This eco-smart tankless water heater will be activated at .25 GPM to control the amount of energy it consumes. It meets the demand of hot water modulating energy consumption.

Eye-Catching design:

The smart design made it eye-catching and adds value to the users. It is sophisticated to set anywhere inside and outside a house.


The use of stainless still and copper ensure its capacity, durability, and efficiency. It finds the way to get quality and long term service with that metal usage. In this way, customers think positively avoiding the losses and longer period services buying this product.

Compact size:

The compact size made it accessible to indoor and outdoor places. In this way, it becomes easier to set consuming the spaces. The compact size made it smart to look and gorgeous with outstanding performance.


The Ecosmart electric tankless water heater is fully certified by Water Sense. It is a partnership program under the environment protection agency of USA worked to ensure water supply for US people. The water efficiency of this product is recognized by this program.


Eco-smart thankless water heater is guaranteed for the lifetime due to exclusive features. Users can replace or exchange any elements paying only the service charge. It is easy to set and time-saving. The capacity to produce quality output is really fascinating and enough for whole family. The less emission of gas made it environmentally friendly and sustainable. The outstanding pros of this product are in the following bullet forms:

  •  It is Cost Effective due to its high production capacity.
  •  Half cost saving than the other water heaters.
  •  Quality design approve the smart outlook.
  •  Use of copper and stainless still ensures durability.
  •  Manual temperature control produce need-based hot water.
  •  240 volt with its function made it energy consuming.
  •  Showing digital meter with cost help to assume cost with the production.
  •  Less emission of gas made it health and eco-friendly.
EcoSmart ECO 27 tankless hot water heater


This eco-smart tank less water heater has the chance to be leaked lack of regular maintenance. So it is required to check circulating white vinegar at least per one year. Besides, you can use hose fittings and sump pump to retain its efficiency and performance. Lifetime warranty will not be ensured without having and showing the warranty card. So keep it in your mind and collect and keep them safe and available.

Frequently asked questions 

  • Q: What is the way to consume the power for this tankless water heater?
  • Ans- It requires 240 volts to function and consume 27 KW. That is why it can consume power easily.
  • Q: Is it possible to serve 3 bathrooms and 3000 sq feet home?
  • Ans- Yes, it is possible. It can produce 3 gallons hot water per minute. So I think it is possible to serve 3 bathroom and 3000 so feet home.

Final verdict

A complete product worths you to carry mental satisfaction. Satisfaction with deep insight will be valuable and add extra remarks in the whole life time. The ecosmart eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater has that cornerstone to make it easily than the other products comparatively. It is useful and productive to get much hot water instantly. People can find their best option to choose this tankless water heater due to its capacity, durability, warranty services and overall sustainability. It is popular worldwide and created a special corner in the USA.

People become satisfied to get instant hot water in accordance with their need without any hassle. The outstanding performance with smart look made it more valuable and cost effective to the consumers. The increasing popularity made the concern to retain the product quality and increase its demand to their valued customers. You know all about your satisfaction during buying a product. When the question to buy best tankless water heater just take this EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water heater and get lifetime quality services. Have a nice journey with eco smart tankless water heater.

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