Ecosmart ECO 24 24 KW at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart ECO 24 24 KW at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of most magnificent water heaters on the market available right now. It’s because the machine is capable of running automatically. The water heater has the technology of self-modulating. It means it can run, supply and control the machine by itself. All you have to do is to set the proper commands to the machine. The rest job is up to the water heater. It will keep doing its work accordingly. There is no need to worry if you have commanded the water heater in the right way. The feature is great for the people who are very busy. It will be useful for those people too who don’t know much about the water heater. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn't know how to operate it. He can just set his requirements and the water heater will keep running properly. Moreover, the water heater saves energy noticeably as it has the energy saving system.

 Ecosmart ECO 24 24 KW at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater

Less Energy Cost

The water heaters of the reputed company called Ecosmart is famous for its environmentally friendly features. In this case, the water heater is not different from its other products. The company has added the energy efficient feature to this water heater as well. You can enjoy hot water as much as you want still the energy will be saved. It has the ability to run with the lowest energy. Therefore the valuable money of your pocket will be saved through this feature.

Self Modulation

Have you ever heard of the self-modulation system in modern machines? It’s one of the most unbelievable technologies man has ever invented. The technology offers its user to run the water heater through an automatic system. All you have to do is to set the different parameters on the water heating machine. The water heater will run automatically according to the parameters you have adjusted. It’s a very beneficial feature of a water heater.

Incredible Flow Rate

The flow rate is a crucial point to consider when you are getting a water heater from the market. It depends on the flow rate if you are going to get fast hot water from the machine. The flow rate of this water heater is amazing in one word. It has got high GPM in terms of the flow rate. For this reason, there will be no delay while you have requested to the machine to provide you warm water heater.

Lots of Warm Water

The water heater’s main purpose is to supply hot water to the user and his family. People normally buy the water heaters because of this particular reason. But some of the water heaters cannot meet their main purpose as those products are not made of decent quality materials. In this case, it will be different from other products. You will get lots of hot water from the machine. There will be no delay or lack of hot water with this tremendous heating machine of water.


  • Comes with a lifetime service warranty for the water heater
  • Has the ability to save up to 60% water heater bill
  • Contains the self-modulating technology that is patented by the company
  • Comes with a feature of 99% energy efficient facility

Cons with Solution

●The water is not enough hot and fails to give enough warm water

Solution: The Ecosmart water heaters are the most energy efficient product on the market. Here the water heater has decent features as well as a reasonable price but it has got an objection too. The users have said that the heater sometimes doesn't provide good enough hot water. Even it fails to provide enough warm water for a single bathtub which is very disturbing. The first problem occurs if the heating elements are expired or not working properly. Give a call to the customer support to consult the water heater. They can fix it well. The internal part’s connectivity should be checked too so that you can ensure everything is working correctly on the internal part. The second problem happens because of the capacity of this water heater. It is not a water heater for heavy use. You can buy other water heaters. But it’s unacceptable that the water heater cannot even fill one bathtub in enough time. To get the best possible solution, talk with the customer support.

Ecosmart ECO 24 at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does it have a remote controller?
    A: No, there is no remote controller along with the water heater. But Ecosmart makes remotes for their users. You can buy it separately.
  • Q. Do I need to use the water softener before starting to use the water heater?
    A: No, there is no need of it. But if the water is too hard then you should do the task before starting.
  • Q. What is the weight of the package?
    A: The package weighs only 7 pounds. It is quite a lightweight for the user.


Ecosmart brand has always been a decent company for the users of the water heaters. The products of this brand are really smart with all the new and helpful features. The company has produced another masterpiece which is called as the Ecosmart ECO 24 24 KW at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater. The water heater is an incredible product undoubtedly with the nice qualities. It has an amazing ability. It can provide up to three gallons warm/hot water per minute! You can take your hot water very fast if you got the Ecosmart water heater. The product is mainly made for the areas where hot water is a must need. So now you know the ability to provide hot water of this heater. It will obviously serve your needs no matter how much water you need. The activation flow rate of the heater is 0.3 GPM. it will supply water fast with this much GPM rate. In Amazon, it has decent reviews from most of the users. It’s a good product and there’s no doubt.

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