Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Tankless Water Heater

Many people think that using the water heater is risky because of various reasons. The tankless water heaters are invented to be safe and danger free. Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Tankless Water Heater is one of the safest heaters around the market. The Eccotemp brand has given the most attention to the safety part of the water heater. With this water heater, you and your family will be safe. The water heater comes with a ventilation system. It’s a power system of ventilation. The feature helps to release the internal heat and other harmful material. So there will be no issue on the internal part. Besides this, the water heater has a capacity of 0.93 - 4.8 GPM for hot water. It’s a great advantage for the user because a user can get enough water from this capacity. It’s also an energy efficient machine. It will not cost a lot of money from your pocket as it saves energy like a professional water heater.

Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Tankless Water Heater


The water heater has ventilation system with it. It helps to release the unneeded gas from the water heater machine. Many of the water heaters do not have the ventilation feature. For this reason, people suffer as the gas is harmful to them as well as the water heater. If the gas cannot find a way to get out, it causes various issues inside the machine. The Eccotemp water heater will not be one of them because of the ventilation system.

Sleek Design

The design of the water heater is made considering the user-friendly options. The design is a simple and sleek made design. It doesn’t take a huge amount of space at all. You are going to put the water heater anywhere in your house. You have the option to put it in a small place too. The water heater will be a good fit to any of the places as it has a compact size with it. The design is given to save the space.

High BTU

The Eccotemp tankless Water heater has one of the best BTU rates on the market of heating machines. The BTU rate is the most significant thing when it comes to the topic of heating water. It depends on the BTU rate if the water will be hot enough or not. If the rate is not appropriate, you are not going to have the hottest water. The BTU rate also gives you the hot water in a short time. So the rate is very important for a water heater.

Control through Digital Display

The LP water heater can be controlled through the display panel of it. The machine comes with a clear display to provide various information on temperature. You can easily figure out how much hot water you are getting. There is no need be confused whether the temperature is okay or not. By monitoring the temperature, you will have the chance to control it according to your need. You can get the hot water of your desire if you have this machine.


  • Made with a modern and sleek design to ensure a good look at the product
  • Has ventilation of power to make the water heater efficient and safe
  • Comes with a clear digital modern display to show various information
  • Contains a high BTU to make sure the water is heated properly
  • Has a fast rate of water flow to provide fast hot water

Cons With Solution

●The water heater is not good for the users who need lots of hot water

Solution: The water heaters are made for the users who need to get hot water for various purposes. Here comes a decent water heater from the Eccotemp brand who are known for their energy saving ability. The water heater is good enough but it also has a complaint from the customers. The heating machine fails to supply sufficient hot water to the users. As a result, the user cannot do their jobs properly. It’s a familiar problem among the water heater users. Let’s see the reasons. It can happen if the water tank is not enough in size. Moreover, there is a chance of sediment in the tank. These result in the issue eventually. To solve the problem, you should make sure that the shower is not so much far from the water heater. The elements of a water heater should be checked. Last, of all, make a habit of using less water. It can solve your problem too. Additionally, you can check for other water heaters made for heavy work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What materials are included along with the water heater in the package?
    A: With the Eccotemp water heater, you will get a basic kit of the vent, two panels which are metal and an exhaust fan.
  • Q. What is the electric power requirement?
    A: The water heater requirement for the electric panel is respectively 60HZ/120 VAC and 2 amps.
  • Q. Can I use the water heater horizontally?
    A: No, it is not possible for this water heater. You have to do the vent vertically according to the Eccotemp company.


There was a time when people were unable to control the water heaters. Normally those were tank water heaters. The machines were controlled manually. People didn’t even have the full control of a tank water heater. Nowadays things have changed noticeably. The tankless water heaters are a revolution of the era. Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Tankless Water Heater is one of the most wanted heaters among these revolutionary products. It is a machine where you have the full control of it. The water heater contains a digital display. The feature is used for monitoring the temperature as well as controlling the gas and water. On the other hand, the machine includes a ventilation system for further security of safety. Many people have a common issue which is the installation step. Some of them fail in that particular step and they have to suffer. But not with this water heater. It comes in a form where the water heater is ready to install in an easy way.

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