Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking for a water heating machine that is small in size and doesn't cost much? The Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater will be one of the most top choices for you because, with the small size, it has a bunch of impressive benefits too. Though it’s a mini water heater, the GPM rate of the machine is very good. For the kitchen works, the water heater can the best option to consider buying. Let’s talk about the size of it. The size is handy. People who do not use water heater much or do not want to spend much money on the heater can purchase this one. If you family consists only a few members then you should go for the tankless water heater. It has a decent inlet for the cold water. It takes the cold water inside and gives you an output of the hot water. The process of this machine is praiseworthy. Check the crucial features of this water heater below.

Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater

Small Size

The size of this decent water heater is small. It is mainly produced to use under the sink or in a small place. In the kitchens, there are many small places. Some of the kitchens do not have a big space. For this reason, the members of that house cannot use hot water in the kitchen. For them, it will be a perfect buy. They can easily put the water heater in the kitchen. It will not take much space but provide enough hot water.

Hot Water at any moment

The hot water machine is ready to supply hot water you are have requested to get it. There will be no pain of waiting for a long time to get enough hot water. The water heating machine has a different technology from the other traditional tankless water heaters which allows it to do so. The Chronomite water heater will be the best purchase for the families where the members are too many because it can serve all of their purposes.

Easy Fit

Another impressive benefit of the water heater is the time saver ability during the installation process. The water heater has fittings system of chrome compression. It is given for the effortless installation of the machine. All you have to do is to fit those two compression anywhere you want. The water heater will be set to give you amazing service after it. It doesn't need an expert to do the installation properly.

Saves Electricity

The water heater saves electricity in an efficient way. It uses the world famous technology called microprocessor. The microprocessor technology helps to turn off the water heater when it’s not in use. It doesn't mean you will not get enough hot water. You will obviously get the hot water during your need. But it will not keep working all the time. As a result, electricity will be saved along with your valuable money.


  • Made with a decent size design to get good fit in a small place
  • Capable of giving both low and instant water flow
  • Contains a technology that saves 99% energy in the house
  • Made of stainless steel for further durability of the product
  • Comes with an easy installation manual

Cons with Solution

​​​​●The water heater fails to provide the perfect hot water to the user

Solution: The Chronomite water heater is one of the best brands among the water heater companies. It has lots of impressive abilities and features that are going to catch the eyes of a user. Unfortunately, the water heater has a negative side too. According to a user, the water heater doesn't supply enough hot water. The water is hardly hot. It’s a big issue for the users because water heater should give perfect hot water. In that case, the user can check some components of the water heater. At first, the user can start checking the heating element. It affects the water heater in terms of the hot water. There might be some issues with the elements. You can check them and also replace them if the elements are not up to the mark. You have to make sure that the heating parts are doing well. If you find out any issue, call an expert to do the rest job. It will be fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. Will it work on shower head where the water flow is low?
    A: Yes, it will work there pretty well but you should get a bigger model for the shower purposes.
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    Q. What is the specific voltage of this water heater?
    A: The voltage of the water heating machine is around 240. You have to make sure that you are running on this volts.
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    Q. What is the GPM of this water heater?
    A: The flow rate of the water heater is good enough. The GPM is more than 0.5 according to the company


People do not use water heaters for various reasons. Some of them are common and some of them are unsolvable. The most common issue behind not buying a water heater is the cost of it. The water heater normally costs a lot. When you compare the products with other appliances, you will find that the water heaters are the most costly products of a house. Well, there are several companies who are making low-cost water heater. But again the customers do not trust the companies. It’s true that all the companies don't produce the high-quality product. But we have got one. The Chronomite company might impress you by its product which is Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater. It is a product that is available at a very reasonable price. You are going to enjoy it for sure. The water heater has both of the flow rate instant and low. It will supply hot water according to the requirements of the user. Additionally, it has inlet connection, electric knockout to make sure the user is having a happy journey with it.

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