Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Under Sink Water Heater


People found it popular to use as daily needs. The demands of Tankless Water heater has reached at the peak. Presently, you can get many Tankless water heaters in the market but really face difficulty to get a better one. The Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank under Sink Water Heater is recognized as a good quality water heater due to its capacity, lifelong service, easy installation process and fast recovery rate. The quality of this product gets special concern to the people; undoubtedly they buy this product satisfying with its product quality considering the expert review and user’s judgment.

Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Under Sink Water Heater

Product details

The Bosch ES2.7 Tronic 3000 T electric water heater is originated in China recognized as the best water heater having with 2.7 gallon capacity. The size of this product measured as 13.75" H x 13.75" L x 10.75" D and weighs 15.5 lbs. It used mini tank under the sink and eliminates the long process of hot water production. This model fitted with Tronic 3000 T series can be functional within 120 volts outlet. It is easy to mount any places like floor, shelf or any kind of walls. It ensures its durability using great insulation and perfect recovery rates. Temperature would be controlled by external dial system. Pressure and temperature relief valve ensures safety in which people feel free to use that product. The nice shape and great exterior design with existing décor made it the best water heater for any kind of room.



A good dimension has nice combination with its capacity and updated design. It is perfectly maintained its size and overall body configuration. It is 13.75" height, 10.75 " width and 15.5 lbs weight.


The required voltage is enough to maintain its productivity and durability. About 120 volts is required for its continuation. The proper safety and production capacity would be maintained using this voltage. The guaranteed service would have to be maintained with these mentioned volts. Proper safety and security is maintained within this volt without any hesitation.


The capacity of this product is outstanding. About 2.7 gallon would be produced using mini-tank fits under your sink. It is the best output oriented Water heater would be helpful to provide service for a big house including two bathrooms at a time.


The durability of this Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank under Sink Water Heater is properly maintained due to its glass-lined tank and insulation. The temperature range would be controlled by the external dialing procedures. It produces instant hot water having with temperature-and-pressure relief valve helps to enhance its proper safety. The durability of this product is maintained in this way and finds the proof of user’s satisfaction.


  •  2.5 gallon production capacity can maintain the need of a big house.
  •  Attractive design with existing décor can be visible at the pointed location.
  • The maintenance of this water heater is easy and has a lifelong service with glass lined tank.
  • 120 volt outlet needed for independent installation.
  • Fast recovery rate provides hot water eliminating long wait in hot water production at the sink.
  • Mounting can be simple on the shelf or floor.
  • It is just like a tap into the cold water that can produce hot water instantly.
  • Can be fitted easily under a sink or in a cabinet space.
  • It is possible to use for wet bar basement, patio kitchen station, garage, on a boat for hot water.
  • One year warranty on the parts as your convenience.


The Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank under Sink Water Heater has already been recognized as a popular water heater due to its instant hot water production. However, it needs to take care and careful maintenance otherwise it has a chance to be leaked or raise questions on its durability. In this case, expert installation would be better; on the other hand, you can check them timely for keeping the production capacity with highest value in hot water production.

Best Bosch T 2.5- Gallon Electric Mini- Tank Under Sink Water Heater

(FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question:- Can be used "in-line with a large hot water source"? Would it help a large bathtub that runs out of hot water before it gets full from main tank?
  • Answer:- yes--that is what I am successfully using it for.

Final Verdict

The judgment is yours when you think to buy a Tankless water heater. But it is very much fortunate to hear that The Bosch T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank under Sink Water Heater is working as great by its capacity and long way of journey in hot water production. The quality design, mounted capacity, durability, easy plug in system, guaranteed warranty service made a possible option to buy this bosch electric water heater without any hesitation. You need to think about it before taking your decision. The option is open but I can suggest taking just have a look on the review; I hope you will find the better option to think about bosch es2 5 tank less water heater. All the best and have a nice time with the best tankless water heater.

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