What is the Best Electric Tankless water heater?

There are various water heaters on the market. Some them are electric tankless heaters, some of them are portable tankless water heaters, some of them are gas water heaters. We are going to talk about the best electric water heaters in this article. The best water heaters are those who have the high qualities as well as useful features. Only the quality or the feature doesn't make a water heater the best. After considering some points, you can consider the best electric water heaters. Firstly, it has to be a saver of electricity. It must have the quality of saving enough cost because it is a crucial facility currently on the market. The water heater should have the useful features so that the user can use it more comfortably. The size matters too. A big size will never get a warm welcome from the user. Considering these points, we can decide the best product for us. Below we will see the best electric heaters on the market.

Stiebel Eltron DHC-E12 Electric Tankless Water Heater​​​​​

As the days are passing, the demand for the water heaters is increasing rapidly. It’s because the hot water is a must need currently all over the world. Though everyone doesn't use the water heater at home, most of the people do use it for the hot water purpose. There are many people who need too hot water. It is not possible for some of the water heaters to provide the hottest water.

StiebelEltron DHC-E12 E Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

But if you buy the Stiebel Eltron DHC-E12 Electric Tankless Water Heater, you can have the hottest water.The electric water heater is a beast in terms of giving the warm water. Nobody can beat the water heater while giving the hot water. The water heater is again the best to use in small house. The people who don’t like to get big components for their houses can purchase the product. It is made for saving the space of the house. Let’s see what more the water heater will offer us.

Hot Water at its Best​​​​​

The citizen of the coldest areas can buy the water heater as it will be the best option for them. The water heater provides extreme hot water in a short time. People who need fast and the hottest water should purchase the water heater. The water heater has the ability to provide hot water which is more than 50 Celsius. Now you know how much hot water you can have. Besides the rate of the water is fast too.

Front Cover

The water heater comes with the front cover to ensure the proper safety of the users. People are afraid of electric water heaters because some of them think that the machine can cause several dangers. Yes, it can but it’s a wrong statement for this specific water heater. It comes with a decent cover. You can touch the knob without any fear. The child and other members of the family will have a safe experience with the water heater.

Trouble-free Installation

The installation of the water heaters is one of the most difficult jobs to do. Without an expert, not even a single task is possible to do. But this water heating machine is different from other water heater products. It comes with all the necessary materials to do everything quite easily. The user can do the wiring job of electricity. It’s so easy that most of the users have done it on their own. Therefore the easy installation will save your valuable time.


  • Includes a front cover for the safety of the user.
  • Comes with three years warranty on the parts.
  • Provides attractive housing through the small dimension.
  • Made perfect for the indoor use with all the indoor related features and qualities.
  • Useful for the families who have the high need of hot water.


●Sometimes the machine doesn't supply sufficient hot temperature water.

Solution: The Tempra water heater of this model is made particularly for the people who require lots of hot water. However, the superb water heater has received an objection from the user that it fails to supply enough ‘hot’ water. As a result, they are facing different difficulties to deal with the problem. You have to know what is making the water hot. How a heating machine warms the water. It is done by the heating elements that can be found in the internal parts of a water heater. If the heating element is facing any malfunction then the water will not be hot enough. Therefore you should consult someone who is expert to know if the elements are fine. The elements can be burned out. It results in the issue. If you found the problem is the element, change it as soon as possible. The ruined elements harm the water heater too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. What is the weight of the product?
    A: The product has lightweight. It weighs around 50 pounds.

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    ​Q. What is the country where the water heater was manufactured?
    A: The water heater was manufactured in Germany. For this reason, it has decent qualities with several features.

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    ​Q. Is the water capable of filling a bathtub?
    A: Obviously, it has the ability to do so. But you need to give it some time to manage the task and do it.

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    ​Q. How to decrease the temperature of the water in this water heater?
    A: To control the temperature, you have to read the user manual properly. The information is given there


There are many companies present on the market of the water heater. All of the manufacturers are not providing good quality service to the users. Only some of them are satisfying the users. The Tempra is one of them on the list. It has got the skill to satisfy the users. Among its water heaters, Stiebel Eltron DHC-E12 Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the best products because of high quality and different user benefits. The dimension of the water heater is not very much. For this reason, it takes a little space in the house. The main attractive thing about the water heater is the front cover. For the additional safety, the cover has been given by the company. The water heater has 3 years of the warranty from the manufacturer for the parts. It will be a super advantage for the user because often they do not get the warranty on the parts. With a bunch of good reviews, the water heater is obviously one of the bests.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 plus Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Tempra brand is one of the most top choices for the customers who are willing to purchase the electric tankless water heaters. The brand always amazes the users by producing high-quality products. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 plus Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of their latest products currently available on the market. The water heater is best for the families where the members are not that much. The water heating machine comes with the latest digital control of the temperature. It has the digital display to assist the user through the water heating process. In the old days, there were no such facilities for the water heater users. They had to use their hands to make sure the water is hot enough. At present time, you will get the advantage to see the water temperature as well as control it. With this Tempra water heater, your job will be easier because the digital display shows everything you need.

Designed to Fit

The fitting task of a water heater can be difficult in some cases. Some of the water heaters are made to fit in some particular places. Here the water heater is not one of them indeed. The water heater has a user-friendly design that saves the space. On the other side, you can fit the water heater machine anywhere in the house. Make sure the place is clean before installing the product. The decent design helps to give the water heater a perfect fit.

Flow Controller

Another great thing about the water heater is the advanced flow controller system. The flow rate is extremely important when you are getting the water heater. It helps to boost the supply of the water heater. When the rate is good, you will get hot water fast. Sometimes you might need to reduce the rate. You can decrease the water heater rate during the work. It will work according to your command. Thus it’s one of the best features of this product.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Best Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater

No Venting

In the old days, people have to wait several days after purchasing the water heater. There were lots of tasks to do after getting a big tank water heater. The venting task used to take almost half of the day. It was annoying as well as a waste of time. The tankless water heater and latest technologies have removed it. Now there is no need of venting. Just buy the product, install it and enjoy the warm water whenever you want.


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    Design with a sleek concept so that it can be a decent fit for any type of house
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    Has the power to run without doing the venting task
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    Saves up to 15% water energy and cost which is useful for the user
  • check
    Includes the digital control of temperature to provide necessary information
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    Comes with a flow sensor design which is single


●Not a perfect water heater to fulfill the need for a whole house

Solution: The Stiebel Eltron Tempra water heater is very good when it comes to the topic of the quality. It has several qualities to give a user the pleasant experience. Unfortunately, the water heater comes with a complaint too. Some of the customers have launched an objection that the water heater is not perfect for the whole house. It means the water heater fails to provide enough water to all the family members. The cause of this issue can be many. First of all, the water heater has a dip tube. It is the way of upcoming cold water. The tube is the main source of the water collection. If the tube is broken then it’s normal not to get enough water. On the other hand, the burner is related to the issue. You have to ensure it’s working up to the mark. You should check these things. You can solve the problem by checking these points. If still, it doesn’t work then it means you need a big sized water heating machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. How many gallons of water I can get per minute from the water heater?
    A: The water heater has a good rate of water flow. You will get 1.5 to 4.5 gallons water per minute based on the input and output temperature.

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    Q. How many amps do I need for this water heater?
    A: The water heater requires two 40 amp breakers. It runs quite well with these breakers.

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    Q. Should I call a professional to install this unit? Is it a must?
    A: No, it is not a must but it’s better to call a professional to do the job. There are risks if a newbie tries to do the task.

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    Q. Can I do an outside installation of the water heater?
    A: No, it’s not recommended by the company. However, with a waterproof case, you can do so.

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    Q. Does the water heater make sound or noise?
    A: The water heater runs its operation silently.


People used to have a common trouble which was the lack of space in the house. As a result, these people never bought a water heater. The problem is still present. The Tempra has made a decent water heater for the community. The product is named as the Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 plus Electric Tankless Water Heater. It’s a top choice for the users who have the lack of space issue in their houses. No matter how much space is in your house, the water heater will be a good fit to anywhere. The water heater made in a way what makes it the champ in terms of space saving. Moreover, the water heater needs absolutely no venting. It was a big pain for the users because it makes them wait for a long time. Here the water heater is free of all the extra pain. The water heater is also reliable. It was tested and now it’s proven that the product is reliable.

Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart water heaters are mostly known for the ability to save energy through the water heaters. While most of the water heaters cost lots of energy, the company is making some tremendous high-quality water heaters which are the best in terms of cost saving. Here comes another masterpiece of them which is called as the Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater. The water heater is yet another product of the company that has the amazing technology of saving your precious money. Another praiseworthy feature of the water heater is the self-technology. It is an advanced technology that ensures the proper operation of the water heater. It is one of the most useful features currently available on the market. In terms of durability, the product has positive reviews too. It is hard for the customers to find durable products at present time. It’s because some companies give more attention to the price tag than quality. But Ecosmart, of course, has made the product a durable one.

Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Endless Supply of Water

Most of the water heaters nowadays are failing to provide sufficient warm water to its user. It’s because the companies are paying more attention to the quantity than the quality. Only the high-quality products are able to give you unlimited hot water. Here the water heater is definitely one of them. The water heater can provide endless hot water, unlike the low-quality products. The customers who need huge hot water regularly should go for this masterpiece water heater.

Cost Saver

The water heater is a pure saver of the cost. The Ecosmart water heaters were always favorite to the users for its cost-saving system. Water heaters from them save the most energy according to a research. For this reason, it is quite sure you can save the energy as well as money. This water heater has the ability to save more than 50% energy cost according to the manufacturer. To get the best of it, you should use the eco mode.

Full Control Access

With this splendid water heater, you are going to have the full access to the hot water. It means you can control the temperature, monitor it and adjust other functions however you want. Some of the water heaters cannot give the full access control to the user. As a result, the user becomes dissatisfied. On the other hand, this water heater will make your day by giving you the perfect temperature water heater through the controller. It’s a controller of digital temperature.


  • Provides unlimited hot water with the 6 GPM feature
  • Designed to be up to 90% small so that the user can save space through it
  • Reduces the extra pain of monitoring the water heater all day by the self-modulation
  • Contains easy replacement parts to ease the user


●The water heater requires a long time to get installed completely

Solution: The Ecosmart water heater is a great addition to the market. It has gained most of the popularity by offering the impressive features. The water heater has an issue too. It takes too long during the installation process. You need to be patient and wait for it to get installed completely. It is a major problem for the users who don't like to wait after getting a product. But there are some steps to get rid of it. You can follow these steps to reduce the time of the installation. First of all, read the full user manual properly to get the best idea about the water heater. If you know everything about the particular heater, you can reduce the installation time for sure. Secondly, you can call a service provider who does this job. As they are versatile in this field, it would not take so much time for them. Also, the company can help you to run faster the installation process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Will the freeze be an issue for the water heater?
    A: It should not be an issue but you will not get water which is sufficiently hot. There are various risks of it too.
  • Q. How much the installation would cost?A: The installation will not cost a lot. It will be around $150 and overall some more bucks.
  • Q. Is it suitable for the mobile home?
    A: Yes, it is a good choice for the mobile home. You need 60 amperes to do the job.
  • Q. Is the water heater certified energy saver?
    A: There is no water heater which is a certified saver of energy. But it saves the energy noticeably.


The durability should be the first priority of the companies who are manufacturing the water heater. At present time, some of the companies only think about the quantity. Therefore the quality of their products is not good at all. Ecosmart is different from them. The company is still offering the good quality product to its user. Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of them. It is a durable product that will serve you even after heavy use. The water heater is made of the stainless steel and copper. These are the premium build materials for a water heater. You will get the durability you want from a product. Furthermore, the water heater contains a clear display with the digital parameter. It shows you the information related to the water heating temperature. You can monitor the temperature as well as control it accordingly. In addition, the water heater has a lifetime warranty which is yet one more benefit for the users.

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

ECO 27 Best tankless water heaters

People are attracted to toward the good quality product. It was started during the beginning of the era when people started to sell and buy products. On the market of the water heaters, the customers always look for the best product in their price range. They try to find the products which will give a proper value to their precious bucks. 

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the best electric heating machines of water available on the market. The reason behind its popularity is the latest and advanced technologies that are equipped with the product. People are learning new things and they are looking for new products too. It can fulfill the expectations of the people undoubtedly as it has got some magnificent features like the cost saving one. Besides, the water heater is designed in the best possible way. It will please the eye of the user for sure. The components are made of copper and stainless steel. It makes the water heater a durable product.

Self Modulation

The self-modulation technology is a famous technology that helps a machine to run according to the preset commands. The water heater from the Ecosmart comes with this famous technology. It will reduce the electric bill of the user. The modulation system allows the machine to run when it’s needed only. If the machine is not in use, the modulation system turns the water heater into the idle mode. In this mode, the water heater doesn't cost any energy.

Replaceable Elements

It’s normal to have a problem with a water heater. There can be various problems with a water heating machine. Most of the times, the troubles occur in the internal part. When the internal parts get damaged, the whole water heater becomes unusable. It will not be the same case with this water heater. It has replaceable elements. Therefore when something damages, you can get a replacement from the store. It will save your money because the option allows you to reuse your product through the replacement.

Durable and Attractive Design

The Ecosmart 27 water heater comes with the beautiful design. The design is ready to catch the eyes of a user. It is a standard design that will look good with any kind of interior of the house. On the other hand, with beauty, the water heater has got the durability too. It is the most wanted advantage that a user wants. The water heater is designed with the steel and copper components to make sure it lasts for a long time. After a long time of use, the water heater will still be the one that provides dynamic service.


  • check
    Designed with stylish and advanced materials
  • check
    Made of copper and premium steel to ensure durability
  • check
    Controls the water heater through the digital meter
  • check
    Equipped with self-modulation technology


●The water heater keeps leaking water from it
Solution: Almost all the water heaters have a common trouble which is the water leaking issue. This water heater has the leaking complaint too. However, a user should keep in mind that the slight water leak is a normal characteristic of a water heater. But when the water is leaking constantly and in a good amount then it’s a major trouble for the user. To get rid of the trouble, you should find the exact location from where the water is leaking. If it’s leaking from the valve then the valve might be faulty or there is much pressure. If the water is leaking from the drain valve, you can fix it. The valve of a drain is fixable. A hardware expert can do the job pretty easily. To prevent further damage to the water heater, use it carefully. Be sure that you have chosen a perfect place for the water heater. Clean the whole machine at least once in a month. The regular maintenance can be really useful to the water heaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What electric panel is needed to run the water heater?
    A: You need minimum 200-ampere electric panel because it is recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Q. Can I use the water heater outside of the house?
    A: No, you cannot. It’s an indoor water heater. Also, it’s not a waterproof product

  • Q. How many people are ideal for the water heater?
    A: If you have a family of 4-5 members, it would be a perfect buy.

  • Q. What electric connector do I need to get?
    A: The 3/4 inches clamp connector is needed. It runs the machine in a good way.


The water heaters are the ones who cost the most bill in the house among the appliances. The statement is not correct anymore. The Ecosmart has changed the concept. With the advanced technology, the water heaters are able to save energy in an efficient way. There are several efficient water heaters on the market. If you are a newbie, you can choose the EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater. According to the company’s statement, the water heater has the ability to save more than 50% water heater charge. So now you realize how much good water is in the matter of cost and energy saving. The water heating machine features one-degree increase control option. It will allow the user to take over the water control easier than before. The design of the water heater is beautiful too. It will be a pleasing experience of eyes with the advanced design. At a good price, it can be the perfect choice for the resident use.

Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater

The tankless water heaters have removed the pain of the tank water heaters. Those water heaters were too much big as well as the tank used to create several issues for the user. It also needed a big amount of space. The problem is not alive anymore as the tankless water heater is now available. Atmor is one of the most trusted companies from where you can purchase the perfect water heater for you. If you have a little amount of space for the water heater in the house, you can take the Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater from the company. The water heater has a light size as well as lightweight. As a result, you can easily install the water heater near the sink or shower. It is an under sink water heater. The size will never be an issue with this water heating machine. If you are anxious about setting up the water heater near your shower, you do not have to be because the water heater has splash protection. Let’s see what the heater has got for its users.

​​​​​Mini Size

The most talked feature of this water should be the compact size. It comes with a small size but gives tremendous service to the users. Often people fail to buy water heaters because they think it will not be a good fit for their houses. To give them a solution, the Atmor has come up with a solution which is the AT water heater. It is not a big sized machine that takes the whole space of the house. The water heater takes little space so you can fit it anywhere you wish.

Splash Proof

As it is a small water heater, you can set up the machine in a little space. If it is the sink or the shower, there is a chance of water splash on the water heater. The water splash sometimes can be really dangerous for the water heaters. But you can install the water heater near the shower without any worry. The water heater contains the IP54 splash proof certification. For this reason, the slight water splashes will not be a problem anymore.

Perfect for Warm Area

The water heater is the perfect choice if you are a citizen of the hot climate area. Some of the water heaters do not work well in the warm areas because of some particular reasons. Many companies make water heaters for those areas. Atmor is one of them. The manufacturer has made the water heater for the hot climate area where the temperature is much warmer compared to other areas. It has the ability to bear the climate and keep pace with it.


  • Made for the areas where warm climate is common
  • Allows the user to control the machine with the digital controller
  • Contains the splashproof feature to save the water heater from unnecessary splash
  • Has the ability to run near a shower or under the sink


   ●Needs several expensive materials to get started the machine
Solution: The Atmor water is a wise choice for the people who do not need hot water that much. The water heater has a small size. The user can fit it anywhere. With these advantages, the water heater comes with a disadvantage too. After buying the water heater, you still have to spend money on purchasing several accessories for the whole installation. The accessories are not available anywhere. You need to find them and the products are also expensive. A user will never want to spend lots of bucks once again after investing so much money on a water heater. The accessories include the copper, several long wires and so on. If you are not willing to spend money after buying a product, you should check some other water heater models. There are some electric water heater models which are good enough at this price range. For example, the SioGreen IR260 POU 220v/10A-30A/1.5kW-6kW Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater can make you fall in love with the incredible features. Take a look at them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. What accessories are needed?
    A: It needs typical plumbing materials and fittings to install the water heater. It should be done by an expert.
  • check
    Q. Will the water heater work on the 220 volts?
    A: The water heating machine should work with this volt. The volt doesn't matter. The ampere does.
  • check
    Q. Can I install it outside of the house?
    A: You cannot do it because it doesn't have waterproof feature. It takes a little space so there is no need of setting it up outdoor.


Most of the water heaters have a big size which is a problem for a specific number of people. As they do not have sufficient space, they ignore the water heaters. There is no need to ignore it anymore because the Atmor AT-D24TP-AZ Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater will remove your trouble. It has a super small size so that it is a good fit for any kind of residents. If there is no space for the water heater, put it under the sink or near the shower. No need to worry as the size has got your back. The water heater also comes with the modulation mechanism. It is yet another praiseworthy feature of the machine. All you have to do is to set the temperature properly and forget everything about the water heater. It will operate its job quite smoothly. There is no room for complaining about this water heater. Overall it is one of the best electric tankless water heaters currently. 

Final Verdict

The electric water heaters are famous around the world because it is user-friendly, comfortable use and come with several qualities to offer the user. According to the best electric tankless water heater consumer reports, these five water heaters are the best. It’s the feedback from the users. They have chosen these products as their perfect components. If you are confused about purchasing the water heater, you can go through the article to find the best match for you. The list contains the best electric tankless water heaters. So there is no doubt that these heaters have high qualities. You have to purchase the model you want. At first, find what you need. Consider your budget, need and other requirements. Then read the whole article and you are going to get the best thing for the hot water purpose.

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